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State Coaching Coordinator
Mr Wayne Macdonald

Karate Instructor Accreditation

Karate Queensland Heads of Style must maintain Australian Karate Federation Accredited Karate Instructor certification. The aim of this policy is to help ensure that karate training is undertaken in a safe and responsible manner to a high standard of practice, in keeping with current physical training principles and competencies.

Karate Queensland encourages all Dojo coaches and advanced karate ka to become Accredited Karate Instructors. To qualify you must hold a minimum karate grade of 3rd kyu with a KQ/AKF member organisation and be at least 16 years old. The four year certification period commences when the course is successfully completed.

For further information and to enrol, please follow the link to

Please contact Karate Queensland’s Coaching Director if you have queries on any aspects of KIA certification and it’s benefits.

Karate Queensland Instructors

We are currently collating and finalising the list of Accredited Karate Instructors.