Updated Weigh in Announcement from the team manager Nauria:

There is a weigh in at the Mecure Hotel 424-458 Hoxton Park Rd, Liverpool from 7pm to 8pm.You will need your lanyard to proceed to weigh in.  I will be at the Mecure untill 7:15pm.  It is advised that all Kumite athletes that need to weigh in do so on Thursday as Robyn Choi (QLD Kumite Coach) will be there to sort out any issues that may arise.
If you are unable to make it I will be in the Foyer of the Team Hotel- Holliday Inn – 355 Hume Hwy, Warwick Farm from 7:30pm to 8pm for those that want to collect their lanyards then.
It is your responsibility to get to this weigh in on the Thursday night.

There will be other weigh ins at the venue but it is advisable that children weigh in on Thursday night as your events will commence on the Friday and you may not be free to go and weigh in when it is next called.

For anyone that didn’t see me to collect their lanyard on Thursday Night they are to do so before they get on the bus or at the Venue. Without these the Athletes will not be able to enter the arena or compete on the tatamis.