Team Tracksuits and Polos

We have been advised by Adidas that our tracksuit and polo designs have been discontinued (Adidas change their designs every four years) and that there is no similar or comparable design available.

As such, we have selected BLK as our new merchandise provider.

We are conscious of the fact that many people have, over the last two years, bought the Adidas tracksuit and polo.

These items remain current and can be worn at the 2018 Nationals.

We are phasing in the BLK design.

For 2018, people who need to buy a tracksuit/polo (or wish to buy a new tracksuit) will purchase our new design from BLK.  The BLK design will become mandatory at a date to be decided (possibly 2019, or 2020 depending on uptake of the new design).

BLK will handle all orders and payment directly with the customer via an on-line portal.

BLK will ship orders directly to the customer.

Additionally, BLK have proposed a number of other clothing options – beanie, cap, bags, etc. which team members can optionally purchase.

A Queensland tracksuit and polo are mandatory for all athletes.

The BLK order portal link is

Orders close at midnight on Thursday 10 May.

Sizing Chart

A Size Guide can be found on the BLK order portal under the help menu.