The QKA (Inc.) is an Incorporated Association

QKA (Inc.) is eligible to compete in and run tournaments including the State and National Championships

QKA (Inc.) is endorsed to co-ordinate NCAS Courses for AKF (Inc.)

QKA (Inc.) is endorsed by the National body to run AKF Referee and Table Official Seminars


QKA (Inc.) Mission

The Queensland Karate Association (Inc.) endeavours to ensure equity, transparency and democracy for all members.

Quality in the provision of services, business management practices and education is the foundation upon which this Association will serve the Karate Community in Queensland.



The purpose of the Association shall be to diffuse true Karate to the community, to foster Karate on a state level, to develop the art of Karate, as well as the spirit and Physical culture of the members of the Association and to standardise grading’s. It shall cover all practitioners of Karate in Queensland.

The aims and objectives of the Association shall be:-

  • To support, develop, protect and advance the practice of Karate throughout QLD.
  • To establish universal criteria for standards and the recognition of Instructors and grading’s throughout QLD.
  • To organise Karate Championships.
  • To select and support contestants in State Karate Championships.
  • To promote the proper, healthy and lawful practice of karate and to repress all abuses of Karate in accordance with its Code of Ethics and to ensure universal and consistant standards thereof throughout QLD.
  • To prevent racial, religious, sexual or political discrimination amoung practitioners of Karate throughout QLD.
  • To co-operate with, support and assist other organisations, bodies and parties, which, in the opinion of the Association, promote the best interests of Karate, to the extent that such organisations, bodies and parties are either members of the Association or are recognised State Associations.
  • To communicate with, affiliate with or enter into relationships with other organisations, Associations, bodies and societies whether in Australia or outside Australia in such way as to further the interests of Karate.
  • To liase with Government and semi-Government bodies, both State and Federal, and to apply for and pursue applications for Government assistant and support.
  • To enter into legal and other arrangements and relationships of a business or commercial nature, such as may be necessary to promote the interests of Karate and to do such other lawful things as are incidental to or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Association throughout Queensland.

The Association shall organise a State tournament once a year under the Rules of the World Karate Federation (WKF) or any variations thereof.

The property and income of the Association shall be applied solely to the promotion of its objectives and no part may be applied directly or indirectly by way of pecuniary profit to a member.