QKA UPDATE – Stage 3 easing of restrictions

Hello All,

Details concerning Stage 3 easing of restrictions have now been published.  Please follow the link shown below:

Karate is a member of the Indoor Sports Group.  A Queensland Health approved Indoor Sports Group Industry Covid Safety Plan has been developed and is available  at the following address:

You will see on Page 1 that Karate is listed as one of the sports covered by this plan.

With respect to the detailed Stage 3 Directions, an extract from the section relating to Indoor sports is shown below together with Paragraph 6 to which it refers:

Indoor sporting centres and venues

Must comply with paragraph 6(b) off the field of play. Paragraph 6(b) does not apply on the field of play.

Example – spectators and coaches at an indoor netball game must comply with the 4 square metre rule but players on the netball court are not required to.

  1. A person who owns, controls or operates a restricted business, activity or undertaking in the State of Queensland, including operating at a private residence, or in a public space, may operate the business, activity or undertaking:
    1. in accordance with any restrictions listed in column 2 of paragraph 16; and
    2. on the basis that occupant density is:
      1. no more than one person per 2 square metres (up to a total of 50 people) for venues or spaces of 200 square metres or less; or
      2. no more than one person per 4 square metres for venues or spaces of 200 square metres or more; and
    1. in accordance with the COVID SAFE Framework; and
    2. public health controls.

Note – people should observe physical distancing to the extent possible

The QKA has contacted the COVID Advice hotline for further clarification. The verbal advice received is that for Karate – a karate dojo’s normal training area (tatami, wooden floor, carpet, etc) is the  “field of play”. The 2 or 4 square metre density rules do not apply for karate training activities on the field of play. For areas off the field of play (waiting or seating areas, changing areas, administration areas, etc) the normal 2 or 4 square metre physical distancing requirements still remain in place.

The netball example used in the Stage 3 Directions means that netball games can take place without any rule variations or restrictions.  Players will be in close proximity or in contact with each other during the game on the netball court.  Extending this example to karate, the verbal advice from the Covid Hotline is that normal one on one training activities can resume on a karate dojo’s training area.

Please carefully review the stage 3 requirements at the above link.  There are several other requirements that must be met, some of which are:

1) requirement to follow an approved Covid industry safety plan or have in place a Covid safety checklist;

2) maximum number of people in a venue based on venue size;

3) retaining for 56 days a record of people using/entering the venue.

Also, please note the request at the very end of rule 6 listed above – “people should observe physical distancing to the extent possible”.

Yours in Karate,

Alan Key

QKA president