QKA Kumite State Team Selection 2019

The QKA State Kumite Team for the August 2019 Nationals has been selected.

Please note the following:

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that you nominated for and have been selected for the correct age category. If you have any doubt, please contact the team manager – Nauria Hampton.
  2. The age cut-off date for Cadets and Juniors is 2 August 2019, except for those athletes who may qualify for National Team selection for the Junior Worlds for which the age cut-off is 23 October 2019. Some entries for Cadets/Juniors have been adjusted to reflect this position.
  3. Selections have been made for the age and weight category to which athletes belong. The QKA coaches will during team training determine who may be selected for open and team events or higher age categories (eg, U21 to Senior, Veterans as Senior, etc)

The QKA Female Kumite Team link is here.
The QKA Male Kumite Team link is here.

Congratulations to all selected competitors.