Coaching Update Day


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Coaching Update Day

The Coaching Update Day will be held on the 18th November (Sunday) this year returning to the Southbank TAFE venue with an interesting line up of speakers.

The Day will be held at H Block Auditorium in the Southbank TAFE as in earlier years (See the map link below)

Starting at 9am and finishing by 3:30pm we have the following Keynote speaker:

Bryn Abad – The Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Queensland Reds

Bryn Abad is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Queensland Reds. His history of working with Elite Athletes in teams like the Brisbane Lions and the Firebirds has seen him improve their performance, prevent injury and work with the psychology of teams to help them draw out the best in themselves. Karate has unique movement patterns which create strengths and weaknesses. Working with those strengths while understanding and improving the weaknesses gets results.

Europe and the Middle East understand this as they bring more and more S & C coaches in to work with their teams. In the session, Bryn will help QKA coaches understand the movement patterns which are unique to karate, gain some key methods to strengthen the positive patterns and improve performance while giving you some keys to minimise injury, both short and long term to the Athletes you teach and develop.

Karate Queensland is always working to bring the best technology to you. We strive to improve our competitors and are drawing on the very best in the game to educate and develop.

Our National Coaches will be presenting and we will also have the usual rules update with JR and any announcements from the Executive and requirements for the Annual coaching update.

Details for the Coaching Update day are summarised below:

Date:  18 November 2018

Time: 9am start to 3:30pm

Venue: H Block Auditorium – Southbank TAFE [Map]

Dress: Coaching Tracksuit or Dojo Uniform

Cost: $79

Catering: Morning and Afternoon tea will be provided. The Southbank Institute is near the Southbank eateries with many options for lunch (Self provided.)

Transport: The Southbank bus stop and train station is close to the venue. You may be able to find some street parking, but consider the Convention Centre parking over the Southbank parking as it is cheaper.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.