New Kata Rules Seminar

The New Kata Rules Seminar will be held at Cleveland Stage High School Paul Bancroft Centre on Saturday March 9 from 1:30 to 4:30.

Referee and Judges, State and Dojo coaches, Table Officials and all Cadet, Junior and Senior athletes SHOULD attend.

The new kata judging rules and performance procedures are significantly different. These are just some of the changes:

1) competitors in a division are grouped into pools of between 4 and 12 athletes.

2) each competitor in each pool performs 1 kata per round

3) there are 7 kata judges who assess each kata with 2 numerical scores between 5.0 and 10.0 for Technical and Athletic performance using tablet and scoring software

4) the judging criteria for Technical and Athletic have changed and the Technical performance has a much stronger weighting than Athletic for the overall score

5) The top competitors in a pool round advance to the next round and form new pools until the medal rounds

6) The walk on and bow sequence is all new.

The QKA will be using the new rules for all Cadet, Junior and Senior competition. Children’s and Vet events will be judged using the flag system.

Don’t be caught out NOT knowing what to do at the State Titles. Come to the seminar – it’s FREE.