MAY Invitational Tournament May 26 & 27 – Entries Now Open

Entries are now open for the May Invitational to be held on May 26 and 27 at Cornubia Park Indoor Sports Centre.

For this tournament we are using the SportsData Tournament Software to accept entries via your Head of Style. Your head of Style has entry forms (or you may download an entry form – see below). Complete and submit this form, together with payment, to your Head of Style who will then complete your entry via the SetOnline/SportsData

Entries close 5:00pm May 11, and can not be extended. There will be NO LATE ENTRIES.

KYU Grade and BB Categories

There are Kyu grade categories and Black Belt (BB) event categories.

Kyu grade 1st and 2nd place winners will NOT be automatically promoted into the BB categories.

Athletes who have nominated for the State Team MUST compete at this Tournament.

Kyu grade athletes who have nominated for a State Team position MUST enter their kyu grade category AS WELL AS their corresponding BB category for both kata and kumite, as appropriate. A second entry fee will need to be paid (see below).

Other Kyu grade competitors can enter their own category, as well as their corresponding BB category for both kata and kumite. A second entry fee will need to be paid (see below).

Entry Fees
An individual event entry fee is required per person, per event category according to the scale below. Event categories include either the Kyu grade or BB categories. Only a single fee is required for both Kata and Kumite per event category.

Event categories are additionally distinguished per event age/weight division. By way of clarification, junior 65kg Kumite and junior open Kumite are regarded as separate event categories and an additional entry fee will need to be paid according to the scale below.

1st Athlete $55
2nd Athlete or Event Category $35
3rd Athlete or Event Category $25
4th and subsequent Athlete or Event Category $20

This same pricing scale applies to individuals with multiple event categories as well as family entries.

Please refer to the Pricing Guidelines Document (see below).

Entries for team Kata will be submitted by your HOS. A team entry fee is $65. Each dojo is allowed up to 2 teams per event category.

Entering in this Tournament is subject to the QKA standard tournament conditions, disclaimers and waivers which can be found as part of the Information on SetOnline

Download the following for further information: