KATA Rules Seminar and Demonstration of Shotokan, Shito and Goju Katas

The Queensland Karate Association will be presenting a Kata Seminar on 11th May at the Cleveland State High Paul Bancroft Sports Complex.

Starting 1:00pm and Finishing 3:00pm

The Seminar will cover competition rules, procedures and demonstration of the Kihon of three major styles.

There will be presentation of basic Kihon from each of Goju-ryu, Shito-ryu and Shotokan, as well as performances of tournament Kata in the three styles.

This seminar is an absolute MUST for Kata Judges, coaches and competitors who wish to improve their understanding of the differences of these three styles.  All State coaches and State kata team competitors are expected to attend. 

This seminar is free.

The seminar is also an opportunity to attempt upgrades for eligible judges/referees at State level.

New judges who received their Judge “B” accreditation in March this year are not eligible to upgrade.

However, if you only attempted one upgrade (eg. Kata) you may attempt an upgrade in the other (Kumite). Or vice versa. 

If wishing to attempt an upgrade, you will need to register by email to me by Wednesday 8thof May and pay your upgrade fee prior to the seminar.