Kata and Kumite State Team 2018

Congratulations to the Kata and Kumite State Team squad members for 2018.

The QKA Team Nationals 2018 spreadsheet lists team members alphabetically along with event selection data.

Squad members involved in play-offs are highlighted in blue for kata and red for kumite.

Play-offs will be held on May 5 at SKK Headquarters, Wavell Heights from 1pm.  Anyone unable to attend due to other commitments MUST SUPPLY A WRITTEN SUBMISSION which will be forwarded to selectors for consideration.  Verbal advice will not be accepted

Please check your age and weight divisions carefully.

Your age category is defined by your age on 3 August 2018.  For fast growing children, cadets, and juniors, the kumite weight category is particularly important.  It’s just over 3 months until the Nationals – you will need to be confident that your chosen weight category is correct with this forward date in mind.

Any queries contact: secretary@karatequeensland.com.au.