Karate Queensland is proud to present the 2020 State Titles

Entries open Wednesday February 26 and close on Friday March 13 at 5pm AEST.

The Tournament will be held on the weekend of March 21/22 at the Cleveland State High School Paul Bancroft Centre. Start time to be advised.

This is a Queensland State Team selection tournament. State team members will only be decided from the BB competition. If you hold a KYU grade and wish to nominate for State Team section you must compete in your KYU grade event(s) as well as the corresponding BB event(s).

For this tournament, 1st and 2nd place in KYU grades will NOT be automatically promoted into the BB division.

KYU grades who enter the KYU competition can also enter in their corresponding BB events. A second entry fee must be paid. Entry fees are detailed below.

9 years and under Kata must be Heian, Pinan, Gekasei and can be repeated AAAA.

All other children and all KYU grade competitors must perform Hein, Pinan, Gekasai in the first two rounds and Tokui thereafter, should they choose. If there is only one round, Tokui is allowed in that round. If there are two rounds, Tokui is allowed in the second round. Non-consecutive repeats ABAB are allowed for children 10 through 13 years.

The minimum age for Kumite is 9 years.

Your event age is your age at 10th July, 2020 (Date for the AKF Nationals).

With regard to weight divisions, if you weigh (for example) 51kg, you are in the 51+ division. If you weigh 50.9 or less you are in the -51 division.


Go to the Karate Queensland Competition site to register for this event.

Entries are only accepted online. Family or individual athletes may enter directly with their Sensei’s approval. Head of Style my also elect to enter their students through the Dojo Bulk entry facility. Payment is via PaPal.

Entering in this Tournament is subject to the Karate Queensland’s standard tournament conditions, disclaimers and waivers – see below.


An individual event entry is a one person entering an event category (both kata and kumite included) in either the KYU grade competition or the BB competition. To enter in both KYU and BB events will require two entry fees according to the scale below.

An event category is an event age/weight division. By way of clarification, junior 65kg kumite and junior open kumite are regarded as separate event categories and an additional entry fee will need to be paid according to the scale below.

  • 1st entry $60
  • 2nd entry $40
  • 3rd entry $30
  • 4th entry $25
  • Subsequent $25

This same pricing scale applies for Family entries.

Entries for team kata events will be submitted by your HOS. The QKA will call for team entries once the individual entires are closed. A team entry fee is $75. Each dojo is allowed up to 2 teams per event category.


The State Titles is Karate Queensland’s State Team selection tournament. To be considered for a position in the team you must compete in your appropriate BB competition. So, if you hold a KYU rank you will need to enter both your KYU event(s) as well as the corresponding BB event(s)


Recent WKF competition rule changes will be applicable at this tournament