Entries Open! Queensland Cup 2020

Entries are now open for the Queensland Cup to be held on Sunday February 23 at Cleveland State High School Paul Bancroft Centre. Start time is contingent on entries and will be advised.

Entries close 5:00 pm Friday, February 14.

Given this is a one day tournament and we want to finish the event in daylight hours, both kyu grade and black belt grades will compete together in their age and weight categories. Having said this, depending on entries numbers, we may seperate Children Kyu and Black Belt entries for kumite and kata.

The age and weight categories for male and female kata and kumite are listed here.


On Line Entry Form

The QKA will accept individual or family entries through an on-line form with payment via Paypal, see link below:


A bulk entry form is available for Dojo’s/Sensei’s who wish to manage/enter in bulk entries for their students, see link below:



Entry Fees

An individual event entry fee is required per person, per event according to the scale below:

1st Athlete $60
2nd Athlete or Event $40
3rd Athlete or Event $30
4th and subsequent Athlete or Event $25

Events are defined by age and/or weight division.

A single fee only is charged for both kata and kumite per event.

By way of clarification, a competitor entering Junior kata and kumite will pay the 1st athlete entry fee ($60). If that competitor also enters the Senior kata event a second event fee ($40) will also be paid.


If an individual athlete only enters their Kumite event (say), they will still be required to pay the entire 1st Athlete fee of $60.


For Families, the 1st athlete in the family will pay $60 for their kata and kumite events, the second athlete in the family will pay $40 for their kata and kumite events. If the 2nd Athlete also enters another event (say Senior kata) then an additional $30 will be charged. The 3rd athlete in the family will then pay $25 for their kata and kumite events.

This same pricing scale applies to individuals entering multiple events as well as family entries.


Entering in this Tournament is subject to the QKA standard tournament conditions, disclaimers and waivers which can be found on the QKA website Events tab.