Conditions of Entry for QKA Competitions

First Event 9.00am

Conditions of Entry – Disclaimer

  1. I acknowledge that I have read the definitions set out below.
  2. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the QKA Codes of Behaviour and QKA Spectator Behaviour Policy.
  3. I hereby acknowledge that my entry and/or participation in the Tournament carries with it a significant risk of personal injury.
  4. Therefore, I for myself and the Releasors hereby relinquish, release and/or waive any action against the Releasees for any personal injury sustained by me arising out of and/or in the course of the Tournament whether as a result of any disregard and/or technical breach of any Rules of the Tournament or otherwise.
  5. In addition, in the event of any action being commenced, I for myself and the Releasors hereby indemnify the Releasees against any cost and damages arising from or connected herewith.
  6. I hereby authorise AKF Inc. and/or Queensland Karate Association or its nominated representative to capture photographic, digital or other electronic images during the course of this event. I further acknowledge that AKF Inc. and/or Queensland Karate Association owns all Intellectual Property rights in respect to these photographic, digital or other electronic images and may, at its sole discretion, publish, display or otherwise use these images for promotional purposes.


  1. “Personal Injury” has its ordinary English meaning and includes any injury for which a person might be awarded under General Damages and/or Special Damages at Common Law.
  2. “The Releasors” means the family, dependents, heirs, executors and/or assigns and any person or persons claiming through them.
  3. “The Releasees” means any corporation, association or other body and/or any person(s) jointly and/or severally and whether servants or agents of any of the aforementioned or otherwise where any such corporation, other body or individual is associated with the promotion or conduct of the Tournament and includes competitor(s) referee(s) and observers or members of the audience.
  4. “Any Action” means any claim, right and/or course of action for damages at Common Law or pursuant to any statute.
  5. “The Rules” means the rules for the time being of the Australian Karate Federation Incorporated and Queensland Karate Association.


  1. I have current Insurance consisting of Public Liability & Professional Indemnity including Participation (Member to Member) & Sports Injury / Accident cover.
  2. I have read the Rules, Disclaimer, Definitions and declaration, and understand them.


  1. The Brazilian Repechage will be used for all Black Belt Events Cadet and above. There will be no Repechage for any Children events and Kyu Grade Events Cadet and above will be run under Single Elimination.
  2. Entry form must be completed honestly and accurately. Online registration is acknowledging and accepting all conditions.
  3. Age is determined by the age a competitor will be on 3 August 2018
  4. Children/Cadets/Juniors may not enter more than one (1) age/weight category
  5. Senior Kumite maximum aged is 44 years
  6. Veteran Kumite 35yrs & above – Competitors 45yrs and above must supply a medical clearance
  7. State team members MUST compete at this tournament
  8. Kyu Grade State Team members MUST compete in both Kyu and BB events.
  9. 1st and 2nd place Kyu Grades will NOT be automatically promoted into the BB events. Kyu Grades must register for both Kyu and BB events should they wish to compete in both.
  10. Organisers reserve the right to combine or cancel divisions with insufficient entries.


  1. The weigh-in will be held at Cornubia Park Indoor Sports Centre on Saturday and Sunday morning. Failure to pass after 3 attempts will result in disqualification with NO moving up.


  1. All Kata events as per AKF Kata rules

Download copy of the Conditions of Entry for QKA Competitions PDF here.