Competition Rules Update Seminar for 2020 Tournaments

A Competition Rules Update Seminar will be held at the Cleveland State High School T4 Lecture Theatre (same venue as that used for the Coaching Update Day) commencing 1:00pm.

There are three QKA tournaments this year, and two seminars. This first seminar will prepare athletes, coaches, referees and judges for the Queensland Cup (February 23) and the State Titles (March 21,22).

There are several new rules/procedures relating mainly to kumite that will be explained and demonstrated. Our WKF referees and judges, whilst at international tournaments, have noted that athletes and coaches that understand these new procedures are in a good position to benefit tactically during their bouts. Kata scoring procedures will also be reviewed.

We urge all athletes, coaches, referees and judges to attend the February 15 Seminar.

Referee and coach theory exams will be held after the seminar. This is an ideal opportunity for referees and judges seeking to upgrade at the State titles or the Australian Open to test out their theory knowledge.

The T4 Lecture Theatre is situated in the Language Centre near the main Administration Block on the corner of Russel and Smith Street. Please refer to below map.