Coaching update day 2019

Coaching Update Day

The Coaching Update Day will be held on the 10th November (Sunday) this year with an interesting line up of speakers.

The Day will be held at Cleveland State High School, Paul Bancroft Centre (Home of Queensland Karate)

Starting at 9am and finishing by 3:30pm we have the following Keynote speaker:

Adam Walker Physiotherapist

About Adam

I am a passionate Physiotherapist completing my PhD at Bond University in ACL rehabilitation. I am the founder of Performance GC, an elite performance based rehab service for patients recovering from lower limb sports injuries. Through a strong commitment to continued development it ensures I have a depth of knowledge beyond that gained at university and am always up to date with the latest research and treatment practices.
I want to help people live a better quality of life. Whether this means being able to achieve at the highest level or play with the grandkids. I strive to reduce pain, improve performance, improve mobility, decrease stress and reduce medication use and need for surgery.
I have a strong interest and passion for sports physiotherapy, with a particular interest in lower limb sporting injuries.


Also, our National Coaches will be presenting and we will also have the usual rules update with Jon Rawlings and any announcements from the Executive and requirements for the Annual coaching update.

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