BLK – Merchandise QKA State Team Web Portal Now Open

BLK is the official supplier for QKA team uniforms.

  • BLK will handle all orders and payment directly with you as the customer via an on-line portal.  The QKA is not an intermediary or beneficiary in the sales transaction – any enquiries or concerns will need to be directed to BLK.
  • BLK will ship orders directly to you.
  • The minimum dress requirement for all athletes is the QKA team tracksuit and team Polo.  The previous design (Adidas from 2017) can still be worn.
  • Additionally, BLK have proposed a number of other clothing options – beanie, cap, bags, etc. which team members can optionally purchase.
  • The BLK order portal link is

Orders close at midnight on Sunday 12 May – this date can NOT be extended.

Sizing Chart

Size Guide can be found on the BLK order portal under the help menu