2017 State Team Kumite

Congratulations to the State Kumite Team members for 2017.

Please check your age and weight divisions carefully.

Your age category is defined by your age on 26 October 2017, even though the National Championships are held August 04-06.  For fast growing children, cadets, and juniors, the weight category is particularly important.  It’s just over 4 months until the Nationals – you will need to be confident that your chosen weight category is correct with this forward date in mind.

At this stage, given our understanding of athlete ages and weights , there are no play-offs required.

We are seeking nominations for Cadet, Junior and Senior Open divisions. Please email Robyn Choi by cob 28 April if you would like to be considered: kumite.coach@karatequeensland.com.au.

Any queries regarding any of the above: kumite.coach@karatequeensland.com.au.

Female 9 Yrs
Emily Nelson 1
Eva Rogerson 2
Alyssa Jones
Diba Mostofizadeh

Male 9 Yrs
Jesse Brockie 1
Jay Cameron 2
Travis Auton
Liam van Heerden
Riley McCarthy
Aston Barrett

Female 10 Yrs U35kg
Dannica Starkey 1
Caitlin Corbett 2
Emma Erhart
Erryn van Heerden

Female 10 Yrs O35kg
Leala Samazan

Male 10 Yrs U34kg
Cooper Biddles 1
Joshua Tanner 2
Leroy Arundell
Mate Joyner
Damian Mannion

Male 10 Yrs O34kg

Cooper Williams 1
Owen Boorer
Thomas van der Riet

Female 11 Yrs U39kg
Sharleen Sraon 1
Caitlyn Taylor 2
Sienna Jones
Delara Mostofizadeh
Caitlin Williams

Female 11 Yrs O39kgs
Lauren Miller
Madison Brockie

Male 11 Yrs U38kgs
Aidyn Fenner 1
Noah Sugai 2
Zachary Colburn
Gabriel Dennison
Xavier Hargreaves
Jack Scotton
Jared Volker

Male 11 Yrs O38kgs
Rick Drew 1
Alex Nelson 2

Female Children U42kg
Cocona Sakamoto 1
Elli-Rose Shepherdson 2

Female Children U47kgs
Ella McCall 1
Coral McCathran 2
Charli Cameron
Reetika Kumar

Female Children O47kgs
Jade Erhart 1
Mikoto Nomura 2
Chloe Marks
Ruby Nathan
Katelyn Row

Male Children U40kgs
Skye Ozaki-Rogerson 1
Dustin Mostofizadeh 2
Sean Cosgrave
Brandon Keel
Jake Lederhose
Toby Reyes
Blake Schramm

Male Children U45kgs
Micheal Auton 1
Jye Lowry 2
Ryutaro Nakamura
Lachlan Nelson

Male Children U50kgs
Isaac Dooley 1
Sota Ma 2
Yash Panjrath

Male Children U55kgs
Jack O’Callaghan 1
Adrian Risco 2
Hayden Ryan

Male Children O55kgs
Eamon Carty 1
Luke Morrison 2
Eoin Davidson
Jordan Rogerson

Cadet Female U47kgs
Georgie Lawrence 1
Georgia Colburn 2
Jaye Ifield

Cadet Female U54kgs
Sennah Kilvington 1
Grace Price 2
Ella Geritz
Daria Mostofizedah
Valhsala Naidu
Danica Romano

Cadet Female O54kgs
Jade Hinds 1
Celina Evans 2
Jordan Ryan
Chelsea Walatara

Cadet Male U52kgs
Jackson Hinds 1
Charlie White 2
Ryan Thornton
Levi Davis
Gauthier Levier
Len Salazar

Cadet Male U57kgs
Guy Sheen 1
George Jacob 2
Daniel Kirakovski

Cadet Male U63kgs
Kyle Schramm 1
Max Hepperlin 2

Cadet Male U70kgs
Hamish Gray

Junior Female U48kgs
Alannah Schramm

Junior Female U53kgs
Brianna Fergusson

Junior Female U59kgs
Sarah Barrett 1
Holly White 2

Junior Female O59kgs
Caitlyn Schottelius

Junior Male U55kgs
Matthew West 1
David Mostofizedah 2
Varun Kumar

Junior Male U61kgs
Jack Megraw 1
Fraser Smith 2
Connor Ace
Jarryd Lebeter
Luke Ozaki-Rogerson

Junior Male U68kgs
Caleb Dooley 1
Christian Wilkie 2
Josh Thornton

Junior Male U76kgs
Ryley Robertson 1
Brandon Evans 2
Ewan Sheen

Junior Male O76kgs
Jaden Westland

Female U21 50kg
Jamie Hoare

Female U21  U61kgs
Jakirra Graham

Female U21  U68kgs
Samyuktaa Naidu

Female U21 O68kgs
Lauren Hampton

Male U21 U60kg
Tatsuya Shihara

Male U21  U67kgs
Zachary Henderson

Male U21  U75kgs
Nicholas Ace 1
Riley Glennen 2
Tom Foreman

Female Senior U50kg
Jamie Hoare

Female Senior U55kg
Ashleigh Hinchey

Female Senior U61kgs
Alex Armour 2
Jakirra Graham

Female senior U68kgs
Samyuktaa Naidu

Female Senior O68kgs
Lauren Hampton

Male Senior U60kgs
Tatsuya Shihara

Male Senior U67kgs
Zachary Henderson 1
Dann Luker 2

Male Senior U75kgs
Nicholas Ace 1
Riley Glennen 2
Revsan Ahmetoglu
Tom Foreman
Scott Mcdowell

Male Senior U84kgs
Brendan Hancock

Male Senior O84kgs
Cheyne McMahon
Dusko Kljajic
Andrew Lay

Female Veterans 35-45Yrs
Mada Lindsay 1
Victoria Taylor 2

Female Veterans O45Yrs
Fiona Falzon 1
Robyn McRae Zurvas 2
Mika Shihara

Male Veterans 35-45yrs
Cheyne McMahon 1
Pascal Flegeau 2
Charl Morkel

Male Veterans O45yrs
Brett Boots 1
Richard Marlin 2
Mark Beard