Matsumoto Sensei

A flower is cherished for its pure fragrance.

A man glories in humanity and justice.

The sword is in the man,

As long as one’s heart is clearly just.

These words ring true when I think of Matsumoto Sensei.

One of the original pioneers of Queensland and Australian Karate.

An architect in the correct structure, and harmony of Karate Do Dojo in Australia, we all now enjoy, and practise our various martial arts in.

I recall the early days of the unforgiving brutality of many Dojo in Queensland.

There were only a few I felt peace and humility, in and this Dojo led the way.

Senseis’ samurai  qualities and flowing silken movement helped me understand the Zen saying of “Silence in movement and movement in Silence”

Strength of mind and fortitude of spirit were Senseis’ essential qualities that he showed and taught through the roller coaster of life. These rudiments of true courage, only obtained through great difficulty, were forged from constant and hard martial training, both physical and mental.

Even with this rigorous discipline, Sensei had a wonderful ease in care, and making every student feel special and individual. 

In closing, the most admirable of human virtues is Courage. I have known Sensei for over forty years and in the last few years of his life, this unyielding determination to accomplish ones true path and conviction, regardless of the consequences to his reputation, career, possessions, body and finally life, will stay with me forever and remind me of a remarkable and unique person.

 A friend of both Sensei and myself, the late John Halpin defined Courage as, Grace under Pressure. A shining example for us to follow.

Thank you and see you all soon.

 Jon Rawlings  6th dan Kenseikan Karate Do